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TC55 Non-GMS BSP v2.68 - HotFix CFE v1 Package Release Notes


HotFix CFE Package contains multiple SPR Hotfixes into a single package. The Package helps the end users to keep up to date with all the SPR Hotfixes for given product software release / revision. 

HotFix CFE Package is validated only by engineering validation team and the package follows Zebra Technologies HotFix Package Policy. 

Component Description and Version

Component / Description Version
Product Build Number 02-68-00-K-00-MV(NGMS)
Android Version 4.4.3
Linux Kernel 3.4.0
Android SDK Level 19
Bluetooth Stack BT-1.0.0
Flash Size 5 GB
RAM Size 1 GB
MSP Agent/RD 7.08.85
Scanning Framework 6.0.1
Datawedge 3.3.16
DWDemo 2.0.7
Camera Version: 2.0.002(151022-30)
PTT 1.0.0
MLogManager MLogManager v01.39 MLogService v01.35
File Browser 1.14
Bluetooth Pairing Utility 3.3
SimulScan v1.11.1
RIL 1.0.12
GPS 1.0.1
EMDK 3.1.38
ZVC 1.1.15
Data Analytics


Fixes/Security Patches Included:


The Hotfix CFE Package file includes the following HotFixes:

SPR28652 - After reboot, there is a delay in receiving the scanned barcode data within an application.
SPR28857 - BT/WiFi 2.4G interference causing poor WiFi throughput.
SPR28931 - Avaya Client audio switching issue on TC55 KK 2.65
SPR29003 - Cannot save voicemail number in phone setting app
SPR29009 - Scanner Exception occurs when switching between SOFT and HARD trigger in Barcode Xamarin sample.
SPR29046 - Delayed output when scanning larger QR codes (greater than 100 characters) when using Keystroke output option in Datawedge.
SPR29075 - Battery charge cycle attribute displays -1 in the logs
SPR29435 - ScanModeMgr CSP doesnt work in Turkish Locale
SPR29463 - Included latest ZVC 1.1.15 to overcome issues where-in the volume control button presses sometimes gets missed.
SPR29476 - Application UI freezes while running on 2.65 Non GMS.
SPR29831 - Resolved issue wherein the StageNow/EMDK HostName change lost on reboot.
SPR29366 - Resolved issue the MTP interface showing incorrect free space value while connected to Windows PC.
SPR29385 - Issue fixed the Intermittent BT Communication failures between TC55 and iWL250 mobile payment terminal.
SPR29654 - Resolved issue the Alignment for Moscow's timezone on TC55.
SPR29592 - Resolved the issue of Persistmgr /enterprise/usr/persist/persistmgr directory is world-readable.
SPR29818 - Fixed issue wherein Dex accessory does not work after BLE session
SPR30140 - Fixed an issue wherein the application installation fails due to FAILED_UID_MISMATCH error requiring a data-wipe to overcome this issue.


Note: To enable fix for SPR29818 user needs to create a file name as "dx30patch"(case sensitive) at "enterprise/usr" in the device and reboot.

Security Patches:

  • Android Security Patch upto July 2016 (Including Quadroot Fix).

Package Details

Device Compatibility

This HotFix CFE package software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.

Device            Operating System                     BSP Version
TC55 Android KK Version 4.4.3  v2.68

Installation Requirements

This SW is intended for the TC55 KK device running on Non GMS 02-68-00-K-00-MV build only.

Installation Instructions

1. Connect the USB cable from your PC to the device and enable USB mass storage mode on the device.

2. On your PC you should see an internal and external USB mass storage drive (SD card) appears in the File Explore and copy "" file to any storage.

3. Press and hold on the device the Power button, Scan/Action button and Vol+ until the screen is turned OFF.

4. Release the Power and Scan/Action buttons and continue to hold Vol+ button.

5. The device should enter to Recovery update mode.

6. Release Vol+.

7. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate and select appropriated storage.

8. Click on Scan/Action button to select the option.

9. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the recovery update zip file.

10. Click on Scan/Action button to select the recovery update zip file.

11. Device will automatically reboot and will be ready to use.

12. There are two ways to Check the Android Patch Level after install the CFE package in the device,

  • Settings->About Device-> Zebra Patch Version
  • Run “getprop persist.sys.cfe.patchver” command in ADB Shell.

Release Date

January, 2017