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TC55 Operating System for GSM GMS Devices BSP - Hotfix CFE 10.0 Release Notes


This is special hot fix, based on 1.74 build, combines the following fixes.

·       SW changes to raise NFC card reading speed

·       SW changes to allow NFC card B reading

·       Fix to allow to change auto-configuration of APN coming from SIM by use of MSP (SPR25268)

·       Fixed 1D scanner power driver delays

·       Motochopper and Saferoot JB security fixes

·       SPR 25513 – application non-responding - if the application runs some intensive task on main thread, the system shows message "Application not responding" with options Wait and Force close. On TC55, the system kills the application without asking.

·       SPR 25568 – internal storage issue - Private application storage should be removed when the app is uninstalled. This works when SD Card is present and the data is stored to /storage/sdcard0/Android/data, but if the SD Card is not mounted, the files are put in /storage/sdcard1/Android/data and this folder is not removed on uninstall.

·       SPR 25656 - EHS issues – there are few cases, when EHS security was broken and customer was able to switch to another application. To have it fixed,  you need to install EHS v1.4 on this image

·       SPR25773 - display flickers on the highest resolution available (RGB_8888)

·       SPR25713 - known bug with SQLite (CursorWindow can throw IllegalStateException).

Enterprise Mode

TC55 standard configuration (GMS build) is by default (out of box) configured as:

·       100% Google CTS requirement compliant

·       Enterprise Mode disabled

MSI provides EnterpriseEnabler package to grant full permissions to MSI enterprise features (e.g., MX, Datawedge, etc). It is required to apply EnterpriseEnabler package to access full MSI enterprise features! 

Options to enable Enterprise Mode:

·       Manual Activation from the UI (EnterpriseEnabler.apk / T55N0JXUVPKEN17400.apk )

·       Activation via recovery mode ( /  

·       Scripted via USB (ADB) installation without UI – Silent Installation

(EnterpriseEnabler-SilentNoUI.apk / T55N0JXSVPKEN17400.apk)

·       3rd Party MDMs (EnterpriseEnabler-SilentNoUI.apk / T55N0JXSVPKEN17400.apk)

·       RD/MSP  (EnterpriseEnabler.apf / T55N0JXXVAPEN17400.apf  )


1.     FactoryReset package (T55N0JGMVRFEN17417 will set device back to Enterprise Mode disabled status (default Enterprise mode).

2.    EnterpriseEnabler is only for GMS build. Though it is no harm to apply it on professional configuration (non-GMS build), EnterpriseEnabler will check the OS version that device is running in recovery mode and skip to do anything if the running OS is non-GMS version.


  1. JellyBean 4.1.2
  2. Kernel v3.4.0
  3. DataWedge v1.7.5
  4. Scanning Framework 1.18.P03
  5. MSP v7.08.67
  6. MX 3.2.2-6
  7. WiFi/BT FW M8960AAAAANAZW1040010 
  8. RIL 1.0.14
  9. Modem 20015326.28


  1. –  TC55 OS Recovery Update package
  2. T55N0JGMVAUEN17417.apf –  TC55 OS Update package file for deployment using MSP
  3. – Recovery package to perform Factory reset. Factory reset returns the device to the factory default
  4. - Recovery package to perform Enterprise reset. Enterprise reset performs the factory reset, but preserves the Enterprise folder

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.


Installation Requirements

This SW is intended for the TC55 device running JellyBean Android

Installation Instructions

  1. OS Recovery Update
    • Connect the USB cable from your PC to the device and enable USB mass storage mode on the device.
    • On your PC you should see an internal and external USB mass storage drive (SD card) appears in the File Explore and copy the recovery update zip file to any storage. 
    • Press and hold on the device the Power button,  Scan/Action button  and Vol+ until the screen is turned OFF
    • Release the Power and Scan/Action buttons and continue to hold Vol+ button
    • The device should enter to Recovery update mode
    • Release Vol+.
    • Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate and select appropriated storage 
    • Click on on Scan/Action button to select the option 
    • Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the recovery update zip file
    • Click on on Scan/Action button to select the recovery update zip file

Device will automatically reboot and will be ready to use.

  1. MSP OS package update
    • Please refer Mobility Service Platform deployment guide for instruction.



Part Number Release Date

August 21, 2014