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TC55 Operating System for Verizon 3G GMS Devices BSP 01.08.01G.02 Rev A Release Notes


This is rebranded version. The Only difference from the previous release is rebranded components. No change to behavior and functionality.
TC55CH is a ruggedized device based on Android for the enterprise market that blends the capabilities of a smart phone with those of a traditional enterprise PDA.
TC55CH has a number of enterprise-grade features, including a touch-screen that can be used with gloves, support for stylus input for signatures, barcode capture capability and IP67 rating for dust and water protection.
It also features Zebra Extensions (ZX) to make the Android operating system more enterprise ready, with security enhancements and hooks for device management tools, and is designed for a longer lifecycle than the typical smart phone.
TC55CH is designed in response to customer feedback from using consumer-grade smart phones in the workplace, especially with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, where employees use their own choice of device for work.
With TC55CH the workers can capture practically any type of data — from bar codes and signatures to photos, videos and NFC — improving on the job efficiency and customer service. The screen is optimized for Enterprise viewing, helping ensure the battery lasts a full shift.
And with a drop, tumble and environmental sealing specification you can count on, it has the durability required to serve your field workers for years.
The TC55CH is only supported on the Verizon network in the USA.  It will work on CDMA and EVDO.

Enterprise Mode

TC55CH standard configuration (GMS build) is by default (out of box) configured as:
1.     100% Google CTS requirement compliant
1.     Enterprise Mode disabled
MSI provides EnterpriseEnabler package to grant full permissions to MSI enterprise features (e.g., MX, Datawedge, etc). It is required to apply EnterpriseEnabler package to access full MSI enterprise features!


  1. JellyBean 4.1.2
  2. Kernel v3.4.0
  3. DataWedge v2.2.9
  4. Scanning Framework 1.19.P03
  5. MSP v7.08.67
  6. MX 3.2.2-6
  7. WiFi/BT FW M8960AAAAANAZW1040010 
  8. RIL 1.0.117
  9. Modem PI-20015107.31


  1. – TC55CH OS Recovery Update package

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.

Device P/N

Operating System










Installation Requirements

This SW is intended for the TC55CH device

Installation Instructions

     OS Recovery Update

  1. Connect the USB cable from your PC to the device and enable USB mass storage mode on the device.
  2. On your PC you should see an internal and external USB mass storage drive (SD card) appears in the File Explore and copy the recovery update zip file to any storage.
  3. Press and hold on the device the Power button,  Scan/Action button  and Vol+ until the screen is turned OFF
  4. Release the Power and Scan/Action buttons and continue to hold Vol+ button
  5. The device should enter to Recovery update mode
  6. Release Vol+.
  7. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate and select appropriated storage
  8. Click on on Scan/Action button to select the option
  9. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the recovery update zip file
  10. Click on on Scan/Action button to select the recovery update zip file
  11. Device will automatically reboot and will be ready to use.

Release Notes


Known issues, Tips and Workarounds


Part Number and Release Date


June, 2015