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TC70 Android KK - BSP v001803 - HotFix CFE v00.01 Package Release Notes


HotFix CFE (Cumulative Fixes from Engineering) Package contains multiple SPR Hotfixes into a single package. The HotFix CFE Package helps the end users to keep up to date with all the SPR Hotfixes for given product software release / revision. 

HotFix CFE packages are validated only by engineering validation team and the package follows Zebra Technologies HotFix Package Policy.

Component Description and Version

Component / Description


Product Build Number

01-23257-K-G-18-03-00-MV release-keys(GMS)

01-23257-K-18-03-00-MV release-keys(NGMS)

Android Version


Linux Kernel


Android SDK Level


Flash Size

4 GB

RAM Size

4 GB

MSP Agent/RD


Scanning Framework






Camera CAM-FRONT-1.0.0, CAM-REAR-1.0.0


OSX Version: QC_OCX_4.4-4, MXMF Version:







MLogPackage v06.52, MLogManager v06.52, MLogService v06.52

Touch FW

STYLUS-80_GLOVE-105, FW: 1.2.AA


B2M Elemez

Data Analytics

App Gallery






Fixes/Patches Included:

Fixes Included:

The CFE package file includes the following HotFixes:

SPR29864    -    Resolved issue wherein BT Paired to DS35 with custom firmware CAABRC17-001-R00D0 has dialog pair prompt.

SPR29953    -    Delayed output when scanning larger QR codes (greater than 100 characters) when using Keystroke output option in Datawedge.

SPR30129    -    Fixed issue wherein Appswitch key remapped still border and surroundings of oval key have original functionality.

SPR29818    -    Fixed issue wherein Dex accessory does not work after BLE session

SPR29355    -    Fixed an issue where in the volume level were not getting updated upon pressing Vol +/- keys with PTT PRO running on the device.

SPR29200    -    Support for Wideband Bluetooth. 28906 Enterprise reset fails during processing XML

SPR29432    -    NFC write command with ISO 15693 Texas Instrument card not reliable

SPR29788    -    Resolved the issue in wildcard feature for the proxy exclusion.

SPR29048/SPR30844    -    Resolved issue in NPObject deleted error while using iframes in the html page

SPR29320    -    Resolved issue wherein the Phone dialer crashes while accessing call history menu.

SPR29618    -    Resolved issue wherein the key programmer configs are not consistently functional.

SPR29256    -    Resolved issue the Persist Folder Not Accessible After Factory Reset and commissioning process.

SPR29030    -    Resolved issue when deploying key-config.xml is not consumed on first try into device.

SPR30048    -    Fixed for crash in binder due to dead object exception.

SPR29628    -    Resolved issue the PersistMgr not able to apply persist profiles due to folder permissions change after reset.

SPR29700    -    Resolved issue wherein the DHCP Option 119 is not working.

SPR30140    -    Fixed an issue wherein the application installation fails due to FAILED_UID_MISMATCH error requiring a data-wipe to overcome this issue.

 Note: To enable fix for SPR29818 user needs to create a file name as "dx30patch"(case sensitive) at "enterprise/usr" in the device and reboot.

Patches included:

  •  Android Security Patch upto July 2016 (Included Quadroot Fix)

 Note : This HotFix CFE Package file is applicable for GMS and Non-GMS. Based on the Device Configuration the appropriate files will be copied while installation.

Package Details

Device Compatibility

This HotFix CFE Package software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.

Device  Operating System                     BSP Version
TC70  Android KK Version 4.4.3  v001803

Installation Requirements

This SW is intended for the TC70 device (GMS and Non-GMS).

Installation Instructions

1. Connect the USB cable from your PC to the device.

2. On your PC you should see REMOVABLE DISK appearing in the File Explorer. copy the file on storage.

3. Long press power button and select reset option.

4. Keep holding down Trigger button after selecting reset option.

5. Wait till the device boot into recovery mode. Do not release the PTT button.

6. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate and select appropriated storage. Release the PTT button.

7. Click on PTT Trigger to select the option.

8. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the file.

9. Click on PTT Trigger to select the file.

10. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to 'reboot system now' and Click on PTT key to reboot the device.

11. There are two ways to Check the Android Patch Level after install the CFE package in the device, 

  • Settings->About Device-> Zebra Patch Version

  • Run “getprop persist.sys.cfe.patchver” command in ADB Shell.

Release Date

December, 2016