TC70 Operating System BSP 18.03 with GMS Release Notes


Work more efficiently and better serve your customers by giving your employees enterprise­class handheld computers that survive life in the field or shop floor, communicate and access information in real time.

The TC70 is the professional­grade Android device built from the ground up for the enterprise.

•               Zebra's Mobility Extensions (Mx)

•               Mobility DNA,a suite of mobility enabling applications, development tools and utilities

•               Most advanced scan engine with longer range date capture capability

•               Rugged and ready for every day enterprise use inside and outside the four walls


TC70 Kitkat Maintenance Release GA3 18­03 with GMS


Special Note:

·          Downgrading from GA3 (v1803)/GA2 (v1504) GMS/non­GMS images to GA1(v1104) image, please use the following link.­EN/Resolution? solutionId=101493&productDetailGUID=15e649a272a19410VgnVCM10000001c7b00aRCRD&detailChannelGUID=2202caf8fb16e310VgnVCM100

·          Airwatch MX service APK should have the latest v1803 Enterprise and Factory Reset packages to avoid a known issue if older reset packages (older than v1504) are used (If packages are used older than 15-march-2015, On applying enterprise reset / factory reset on new TC70 OS via Airwatch console will result in error, saying package is older than 15-03.2015 and cannot be applied).

Component Description and Version

Component / Description


Product Build Number


Android Version


Linux Kernel


Android SDK Level


Android security patch level


Platform (TI/MPA/ etc)

QC 8960 Pro

Flash Size


RAM Size


MSP Package





2.5 SimulScanEngine 1.11.1





Mx / OSX






Touch FW

Stylus­80_GLOVE­105, FW:1.2.AA



v06.52  / Service v06.52


Bluetooth Pairing Utility



File Browser

Ver 1.13

Stage Now

App Gallery


Tech Docs





NFC_NCIHAL_AR2.4.0_KitKat, FW:122

Sensors (Accel, Gyro, Light, Prox)



CAM­FRONT­1.0.0 CAM­REAR­1.0.0




12.2.0. Build 23469

Feature added/supported 

SPR fixes:

SPR Number


SPR 28877

Serial DEX API intermittently fails to receive data from a remote terminal

SPR 28851

TC70 missing support for multiple languages

SPR 28906

System crashes when enterprise reset is triggered via MX

SPR 29036

Device Randomly reboots while in Ethernet cradle

SPR 29202

Add support for disabling the quick settings in the Status Bar

SPR 29039

Device not able to access INTERNET sites after proxy settings are applied

SPR 28244

VPN connection does not work when Always ON option is checked

SPR 29009

Scanner crash occurs when switching between soft and hard trigger

SPR 28905

AppMgr CSP crashes after several install/uninstall cycles

SPR 28854

PersistMgr fails to install the applications after OSUpgrade from GA1

Component Release Notes (only major features since last release):

WLAN Fusion_QA_1.

Change Details


·          Added Deauth Roam changes to persist session on receiving deauth during Reassoc and Connected state ­ This is a fix to handle deauth during roam state


·           Modified WIFI radio enable/disable when Airplane mode is enabled in Restricted UI.


·           Fusion libpersistence AFM fixes


SPR Fixes

·           SPR 28643: Unable to download country from the Zebra AP 7161




Wireless LAN Radio



Data Rates

5GHz: 802.11a/n — up to 150 Mbps 2.4GHz: 802.11b/g/n — up to 72.2 Mbps




Operating Channels

Chan 36 ­ 165 (5180 ­ 5825 MHz); Chan 1

­ 13 (2412 ­ 2472 MHz); Actual operating channels/frequencies depend on regulatory rules and certification agency





Security and Encryption



Multimedia Wi­Fi Multimedia™





WFA (802.11n,WMM), WMM­PS,

CCXv4, Wifi Direct, WPS2.0


Fast Roam

PMKID caching, Cisco CCKM, OKC, 802.11r



Network Connections

Bluetooth; USB 2.0 OTG Host docking interface; 802.11r and 802.11k for enterprise voice roaming included


Mx / OSX: QC_OSX_4.4­4/MXMF:



Brief Description

Clear Clipboard

Clearing the data copied into clipboard


Enable/Disable Clipboard

Enable/Disable the clipboard features to cut/copy/paste

Factory Reset

Wipe ­ Data+Enterprise+Cache

Enterprise Reset

Wipe ­ Data+Cache


Full Device Wipe

Wipe ­ Data+Enterprise+Cache+Internal SD+External SD

Enable/Disable Enterprise Reset in Settings App

API to Enable/Disable the Enterprise Reset UI in Settings Application



Display OSX Version

OSX version can be seen in Settings => About Phone => SW Components => OSX version


Enable Disable AppInfo Access

Enabling and disabling , App info from settings

Allow/Disallow App to submit XML

Add/delete/query packages which are allowed to SubmitXML to MxMgtFw





Enable Disable UMS/PTP/MTP

MassStorage,MediaTransfer and PTP modes can be Blocked and Unblocked


Enable Disable External USB Storage


Enable/Disable Mounting of External USB Pen­drive storage with device


Enable/Disable Browser

Enable/Disable Native Browser Address Bar

Enable/Disable access to Applications Section of Settings UI


Hide Apps section of Settings Application

Initiate NTP Sync

Enable/Disable/Initiate NTP

Ethernet Settings

Enable/Disable & TurnOn/TurnOff

Enable/Disable Use of Background Data

Enable/Disable Background data in SIM devices


Auto Correction

Enable/Disable the ability of auto correction of words in soft keyboard


Enable/Disable Wifi


Enable/Disable Wlan

Safe Mode

Enable/Disable Safe mode

Unknown sources

Enable/Disable Unknown soures UI

Enable/Disable Home Key

Enable/Disable Home Key

BT Pairing Pop up

Enable/Disable BT pairing pop up

Sdcard Usage

Enable/Disable Sdcard Usage

Enable/Disable Power button instantly lock

Enable/Disable Power button instantly lock UI

Turn On/Off Power button instantly lock


Turn On/Off Power button instantly lock

Enable Disable Airplane mode

Enable/Disable Airplane mode UI

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

Enable/Disable Power button menu items

Enable/Disable menu displayed when power button is long pressed


Hide/unhide Power button menu

Hide/Unhide menu displayed when power button is displayed


Scanning Framework Version :06.21.00


·           Contains the ScannerDCA.apk with CTS passed; this was earlier released but included in this release too


·           Imager scanner support for TC70CR KitKat


·           Fail scan count in ScannerDCA is reported using 3


·           counters (UserInitiatedStopScanCount, TimedOutStopScanCount and ProcessDecodeFailedScanCount)


·           Release of the  ScannerDCA with support for  counters ; actual scan count  & failed scan count


·           Supporting "Document Capture" Acquisition mode in SE47xx undecoded engine for "Image Capture only" mode selection


·           Trigger modes "Timed Hold", "Timed Release", and "Press and Release" for imager scanners


·           Image capture support with VF support


·           Scanner framework support for Data Capture Analytics


·           Added "Timed Hold", "Timed Release", and "Press and Release" trigger modes to SSI scanners and aim_timer parameter


·           Image Capture Support


·           Firmware update method modification included


·           Added Support for Auto firmware update in TC70­CR device (MC­120317)



·           Fix for MC­120167 : [KK TC70] SPR 29184 ­ Unable to scan RSS14 barcodes


·           Fix for MC­120842 : Beam light is on continuously and device stops responding and will reboot automatically after 1min 30 sec


·           Fix for MC­113657 : Scanner beam fires on continuously after selecting imagecapture only in Datawedge


·           Bug fix in the Auto firmware update feature based on code review comments.


·           Fix for MC­116247 : RS507 connected is seen when pairing two devices using Bluetooth in RhodesTestApp.


·           Fix for MC­114643 : In DWDemo changing scanner from "camera to Imager", Device black out and scan beam is fired continuously.


·           Fix for MC­117488 : MC18 ­ Investigate increase in power consumption reported by product team during scanner stress


·           EMBPD00184062 Contains fixes done to Royal Mail; BT Disconnect issue on Boundary.


·           EMBPD00167726 issue fix


·           Fix the  MC­114825  : memleak fix


·           Firmware update bug fixes related to UI


·           EMBPD00185258 ­ Beam is not fired when the trigger type is changed from Soft to Hard in TC75


·           EMBPD00184324 ­ Wrong barcode decoded when set Coupon Report Mode to New.


·           Camera Scanner VF & Flash lock on Stage Now app fix added


·           Bluetooth Scanner related fixes done to RM


·           EMBPD00177204 ­ [TC70_MR GMS/NonGMS]Beep Initiation value is able to exist Previous build in "Slow test"






·          Support for Android Lollipop.


·           Support for new scanner framework version 15.

·          Case #3383144 ­ Added an option under Keystroke output plug­in to configure a character delay for multi byte character dispatching via keystrokes. Set default value to 0ms to improve the performance in the default behavior.


·           MC­119285 ­ Fixed the DataWedge crash when suspend resume test was run with EMDK Barcode Sample with continuous scanning enabled.

·           PT111665442: IP Address field doesn’t show any special characters (dot) on the edit text field.




·           Fixed failure in EMDK Sample App: Read­>Capture Document­>Read. Second read leads to failure. Engine does not start




·           Add new payment device configuration parameters such as enableBTDiscoverableMode and enableSwipeOnNoAID

·          Added support for multiple MX versions in EMDK Wizard. Previous EMDK versions supported MX version either 4.2 or 4.4. In this version, MX versions 4.2, 4.4 and 5.0 are supported. When creating or updating a profile, the targeted MX version must be selected. For more information on MX versions, refer to Choosing an MX Version.

-             An existing profile can be upgraded to a later of version of MX using the Profile Upgrade feature in the EMDK Profile Manager.

·           Added support for the following MX v4.4 features in the Profile Manager:

-             Additional Locale ­ Updated UI Manager with Additional Locale Control support for SPANISH, US_SPANISH, BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE and PORTUGUESE.

-             Password Masking/ Encryption ­ PrivateKeyPassword/ KeystorePassword in Certificate Manager and AttPassword/ TmobilePassword/ CustomPassword in GPRS Manager values can now be encrypted.

·           Added support for the MX v5.0 in the Profile Manager:

-             Vendor Specific DHCP Options ­ Updated DHCP Manager that has the Vendor Specific DHCP Options support so that the device can be configured such that it will ask and set vendor specific attributes.

-             PAC File ­ Updated Wi­Fi feature that has the PAC file support so that it can be used for changing proxy settings centrally and the devices will change their settings accordingly.

-             Screen Capture Control ­ Updated Display Manager that has the Screen Capture Control support so that it can be used for controlling the ability to capture the device screen by users of the device specially when sensitive information is shown on the device.

·          Added support for Payment APIs. The Payment APIs are designed for performing EMV and Magstripe Payment transactions when using the PD40 Payment device with MC40 JB, MC40 KK and MC67 KK devices. Please refer to help documentation for more details including additional device support.

·          Added support for Serial Communication APIs. This feature provides simple APIs to enable/disable serial communication port, write and read data to/from remote devices attached to TC75 KK and TC70 KK (Android 4.4.3) devices. Please install the patch for SPR­28877before using this feature.

·           Added support for ScanData.getRawData() in EMDK Barcode API.

·           Added support for AimType and IlluminationMode in ImagerSpecific configuration of Barcode API.


·           Added new capabilities to Activity Selection when creating a Data Capture profile using EMDK Wizard:

-             Ability to define wildcard character “*”. If a profile needs to be associated with all the activities in an application, “*” can be used instead of defining each activity name. This was not supported in previous EMDK versions.

-             Ability to define activity names with any naming format. Earlier EMDK versions were supporting only the activity names that has application name as a prefix in their activity name. Now users can define any type of activity names.

-             Refer to the help documentation for detailed information on using activity selection.

·          Added new method getInstanceAsync() to EMDKManager. The EMDK Feature Manager object returned by this method is guaranteed to be usable immediately. The feature manger object returned by the existing method getInstance(), may not be ready to be used immediately, especially after a device reboot.

·          The EMDK for Android Help documentation is now available only online. The EMDK installation will no longer install the documentation on the development PC. The link to the online documentation is provided in the EMDK program group under the Start menu.

·          The EMDK Samples are now available online for downloading to the PC. The EMDK installation will no longer install the samples on the development PC. The link to the online samples is provided in the EMDK program group under the Start menu.




·           Fixed: MC­113184 ­ EMDKService crash is observed with camera scanning due to file descriptor memory leaks.


·           Fixed: Enhanced exception handling to avoid crashes in payment API when the PD40 payment device sends an incorrect response.


·          Fixed: Return the correct error code as account number mismatch when application passes incorrect account number information in the promptPin method of Payment API

·           Fixed: Removed the restriction on the firmware file format when flag isUpgradeOnly=false in remote firmware update of PD40 payment device.


·           Fixed: Removed the dependency of placing the PD40 binary only on SDCard to update firmware and EMV parameter of PD40 payment device.


·           Fixed: In the Barcode API, the WAITING and IDLE states were invoked twice instead of once.


·           Fixed: Barcode API isContinuousScan flag would always return false even when the ContinuousScan feature is successfully set.


·           Fixed: The emdkName with a hyphen character (­) could not be used in the CreateNameValuePair() in Profile API.


·           Fixed: The paramValue cannot have period character (.) when using CreateNameValuePair() in Profile API.


·           Fixed: Enhanced the exception handling in EMDK to avoid null pointer exceptions and data format exceptions.






·           Added LTS plugin support for Kernel logs


·           Added ‘per core cpu load’ feature in RxLogger main logs



·           EMBPD00180753 : Fixed the issue where the snapshot logs were not getting generated when one or few options are selected


·           Rectified main logs file name generated through LTS plugin


·           SPR 28715 – Fixed issue where RxLogger gps logs do not get updated when device is used for long time in low accuracy GPS option


·           Fixed the issue in backup now feature where it was getting disabled once main screen goes away





·           App Startup time – AppGallery optimized to decrease startup time.


·           Improved Scrolling experience on devices (Showcase, Galleries, Apps)


·           Gallery and App synchronization­  – AppGallery  optimized to decrease synchronization time




Known problems and suggested workarounds:




It is taking around 2­3 mins to apply the updates. Update progress is not shown.

After clicking on “update” button wait for 2­3 mins. For the update to come

Opening app after self­update will logout the user.

User has to login again with his credentials.


Use AppGallery with open network.








Full Software Update

Enterprise Reset ­ Wipes all partitions/data except Enterprise folder/partition & On Device Storage (/sdcard)

Factory Reset ­ Wipes all partitions/folders including enterprise but except On Device Storage (/sdcard)


Used by MSP/AW – Full Package update


Used by MSP/AW – Enterprise reset


Used by MSP/AW – Factory reset

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Android 4.4.3


Android 4.4.3


Installation Requirements

This Software has to be used with compatible devices listed above

Installation Instructions

1.         Plug the TC70 to the USB Cable and then the Cable to the PC.  If you have a Cradle with USB connectivity, connect it.

2.         You will be connected as a media device.

3.         Download following packages

a. ( Full Package Update v18­03)

b. (Factory Reset Package v18­03)

c. (Enterprise Reset Package v18­03)

4.         Now, copy the .zip files (and the Optional files too) to your TC70’s storage.

5.         You will need to put your device into Recovery Mode.

a.    Hold the “Power Key” until “Reset” option appears and then release

b.    Tap “Reset” and then immediately hold the “PTT Key” until recovery mode is initiated (Let go after you feel the vibration J)

c.     Once on the Recovery Screen, scroll down using “Volume Keys” +/­ to the location where you copied the files and press the “Scan Key”

d.    Follow same procedure and select the (the Full Package Update v18­03), with “Scan Key”

e.     Upon completion, you will be back at the Recovery Mode screen.

f.     Note:  Since Partition has changed, system by default will not backup user data partition.  To end user this is similar to Enterprise Reset.

g.     Next step only if you are switching between GMS and NON­GMS software, otherwise this step is not required.

·          If you are updating device from GMS to NON­GMS or Vice Versa, it is required to either use (Factory Reset, this will give complete OOB experience) or at Minimum, please do a (EnterpriseReset).

h.    If you are going to install the optional packages (see 3e above), then do so now with the same procedure used above…

i.     Upon completion of all of the updates, you will be back at the Recovery Mode screen. Select, “reboot system now” with the “PTT Key”, you will see it reboot, then you will see “Android is upgrading…” and then you will see the main screen, then...

6.         Go to “Settings” and scroll down to “About phone” and look at the “Build number”. It should end with “K­G­18­03­00­MV”. Now… you can either start using the TC70 or if you are not going to install a working SIM (or at least not right away), please manually set the date and time. Go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Date & time” and set the correct date and time by unchecking “Automatic date & time” and “Automatic time zone” and then select “Select time zone” and do that.  Then, select “Set date” and do that.  Finally, select “Set time” and do that.  Lastly, put check marks back in “Automatic date & time” and “Automatic time zone”.

7.         Please update latest Firmware for Scan Engine

8.         Now you are all set to use your updated TC70 With GMS.


Part Number and Release Date

Part Numbers







April 20, 2016