TC70x Operating System (TC700J) Windows 10 Mobile IoT Enterprise v1.13.02 Release Notes


Expanding on the very successful market acceptance of the TC70 mobile computer now features Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise operating system, this new version of the family brings Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security, manageability and connectivity to a natural user interface that’s easy to use. With Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise, Users will benefit from numerous productivity enhancing features such as multiple user profiles, out of the box support for barcode scanning and other peripherals, as well as native support for popular enterprise tools. The new TC70x with Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise also supports advanced capabilities like Continuum and Miracast that facilitate operations between the hand held device and peripherals like large displays or TV monitors, keyboards and mice, enabling the new TC70x mobile computer to conveniently access key Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Edge, among others.


1. TC700J with Windows 10 Mobile IoT Enterprise v. 1511


1. TC76x9_R_1078_10586_01_13_02.ffu: Retail-signed Full Flash update image

Component Version
BSP Release (Product Build Number)  TC76x9_R_1078_10586_01_13_02
Fusion Release
OS Version
OS Firmware Version 01078.00531.09001.13002
Platform Qualcomm MSM8092
HW Version MV
Flash Size 16GB
RAM Size 2GB
Scanner 7.05.1078.10586
Touch Panel 1.2.b0

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.


Operating System


Windows 10 Mobile IoT Enterprise

Installation Requirements

TC700J device must already be flashed with a released version of Windows 10 IoT Mobile.

Windows 7 or higher (Windows 8 or higher recommended)

Windows 10 EWDK ( Unzip the file on the preferred location on your computer.

Installation Instructions

1.) Boot device into FFU Mode.

a. While connected to AC power, Press Power and Volume Up until you see the flashing screen (Lightning Bolt + Gear)

2.) For Windows 7 only: Install SimpleIO drivers (Windows 8 or higher skip to step 3)

a. Download and

b. Connect the TC7000J device to the PC.

c. For Windows 7 x64 PCs:

i. Run remsimpleio\remsimpleio\x64\remsimpleio.bat

d. For Windows 7 x86 PCs:

i. Run remsimpleio\remsimpleio\x86\remsimpleio.bat

e. Disconnect the TC700J device from the PC.

f. Run simpleio\simpleio\installsimpleio.bat

g. Reconnect the TC700J device to the PC. The TC700J device will be listed as “WinUsb Device” under Universal Serial Bus on Device Manager.

3.) Flash the image

a. Open an Administrator command prompt.

b. Change working directory to %WDKCONTENTROOT%\Tools\bin\i386 where %WDKCONTENTROOT% is the installation directory of the Windows 10 EWDK (e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Tools\bin\i386”)

c. Run “ffutool -flash <path to retail-signed ffu>”, for example: ffutool -flash TC76x9_R_1078_10586_01_13_02.ffu


Part Number and Release Date


Oct 5 2016