WT41N0 CE 7.0 - Korean BSP v04.57.05 - HotFix CFE v01.01.00 Package – Release Notes


HotFix CFE (Cumulative Fixes from Engineering) Package contains multiple SPR Hotfixes into a single package. The HotFix CFE Package helps the end users to keep up to date with all the SPR hotfixes for given product software release / revision. 

HotFix CFE packages are validated only by engineering validation team and the package follows Zebra Technologies HotFix Package Policy. Click here to view HotFix Package Policy. HotFix Support Policy


CFE package CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab / CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_NB.cab file includes the following HotFixes:




RS409/RS419 failed to initialize on device with Localization image (CHS)

Package Details

CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab (CFE package with auto Warm boot)

CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_NB.cab (CFE package without auto Warm boot)

Device Compatibility

This HotFix CFE Package software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.


Operating System

BSP Version


CE 7.0

Korean  v04.57.05

Installation Requirements

The HotFix CFE cab can be deployed to the Mobile device through any one of the below mentioned methods. For installing the cab, the users should have at least one of the below mentioned tools.

- Windows Mobile Device Center (For Windows Desktops)
- SD Cards / Micro SD cards
- MDM set up

Installation Instructions

For Normal installation of the PATCH:

Windows Mobile Device Center (For Windows Desktops) Installation Instructions:

1.      Copy "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab" file to the Application folder on the device.

2.      Deploy the solution by tapping on the "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab" file.

3.      After successful deployment of the "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab" file, device will do an automatic warm boot.

SD Cards / Micro SD cards Installation Instructions:

1.     Copy "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab" file to the SD card.

2.     Deploy the solution by tapping on the "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab"

3.  After successful deployment of the "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_WB.cab" file, device will do an automatic warm boot.

For MSP or REMOTE installation of the PATCH:

1.  Set up MDM (MSP, Soti, Airwatch, etc..) to send "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_NB.cab" file to the application folder of the device.

2.     To deploy the solution, setup in MDM to install the cab file "CFE_WT41_CE_045705_KO_v010100_e_NB.cab" file.

3.     Changes will take effect after a manual reboot of the terminal or if MDM reboots device.

Release Date

June, 2017