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WT6000 Operating System BSP 11003 Rev. A - Hotfix CFE 1.0 Release Notes


This patch fixes issues related to the RS4000 scanner:

•      Device gets rebooted when you Plug/Unplug RS4000 scanner quickly

•      Unplugging RCH51 headset at DW Demo screen, RS4000 will not work after if DW Demo relaunched

•      CONNECTED/DISCONNECTED events are being thrown for RS4000 scanner when WT6000 USB debugging cable is removed


WT6000 Patch for RS4000 Component Description and version

Linux kernel date changes to "Mon Aug 15 09:01:11 EDT 2016" after patch has been installed.

SPRs Fixed


Known Issues






SFW: Recovery OS Patch,AND,LPop,v11003,RELEASE

Full Software Update


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.


Operating System

WT6000 ­ All current SKUs

Android 5.1.1

Installation Requirements

This Software can be used with compatible devices listed above.

The patch only applies to this release: which is identified by this build number: 01‐10‐03‐L‐00‐MV


Installation Instructions

1.   Attach the USB cable to the WT6000 via cradle or charging cable, then attach the cable to the PC.

2.   To update the WT6000 software, download the Full Package Update from Zebra Support Central to your PC. The file name is

3.   Copy the .zip file above from your PC to your WT6000’s Internal storage.

4.   Put the WT6000 into Recovery Mode using the following steps:

  •       Hold the “Power Key” until “Reboot” option appears and then release.
  •       Tap “Reboot” button and then press “OK” and then immediately hold the “P1” Key until recovery mode is initiated. (Just hold it down the entire time (including the vibration)… do not let go until you get to Android system recovery screen).

5.   Once on the Recovery Screen, scroll down using “P2” Key to “Apply update from emulated storage”.

6.   Press “P3” Key to select.

7.   Once the install completes, you will be back at the Recovery Mode screen.

8.   Now, select “Reboot system now” with the “P3” Key, you will see it reboot, then you will see “Zebra Android Screen” and then you will hear it vibrate, then you will see the “WT6000 Wearable Terminal” screen with 5 white dots moving… it will stay at this screen for a little over 4 minutes and then you are at the Home Screen.


Part Number and Release Date


Aug 30, 2016