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VH10 PTT Express Client Version 1.2.9 Release Notes


PTT Express client creates Push-To-Talk communication capability between different types of devices including PTT Smartphones, and Mobile Computers. Leveraging existing WLAN infrastructure, this solution delivers simple communications across devices without the need for a voice communication server.


1. Following issues have been fixed:

    1. PTT settings when pushed via Airwatch is not taking effect.

    2. Group Call onscreen key is displayed at left corner when Private call is disabled.

    3. PTT settings pushed via MSP is not taking effect.

    4.Keys of GC/PC when reassigned to other operations, not working.

    5.Not able to make a group call from home channel after changing channel from alternative.

    6. Not able to Make a GC After changing the channel manually via GUI.

    7. Error uninstalling PTT Express.



Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows CE 6.0


Installation Requirements

The PTT Express Client for VH10 devices, Version 1.2.9 is intended for use with the 9.1.42220.0 and above.

Installation Instructions

1. Connect VH10 to PC via ActiveSync.
2. Unzip and Copy content of PTT1.2_VH10_v1.2.x as below:
       1. InstallCAB folder => \Flash Disk\InstallCAB
       2. Startup folder => \Flash Disk\Startup
       3. InstallCAB program installs the PTT Express cab file when VH10 is cold booted.
       4. ptt_settings.xml => \Falsh Disk\PttExpress\ptt_settings.xml

Part Number and Release Date


March 03, 2016