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Cordless Bluetooth Wedge v2.0.0.0 Release Notes


The Zebra Cordless Bluetooth Wedge directs barcode data from up to 7 Bluetooth scanners to any keyboard enabled application. This enables the Bluetooth scanner to be wirelessly connected directly to the host computer, without the need of a scanner cradle. The wireless connection is made seamlessly using the Windows XP, 7 or 8 computer’s pre-existing Microsoft Bluetooth driver. 

Device Compatibility

1. Supported Scanners: DS6878, DS3578 and LI4278

2. Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)

3. Driver Compatible – The Cordless Bluetooth Wedge is compatible with the Microsoft Bluetooth driver. a. Microsoft Bluetooth Driver preinstalled on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 b. Depending on your PC’s factory image, the Microsoft Bluetooth Driver may require installation on Windows XP.

4. Automatic Reconnect – If a user walks out-of-range and then re-approaches the host PC, the Bluetooth connection between the host PC and cordless scanner will be automatically re-initiated. a. This scanner/host PC connection will persist until a different pairing barcode is scanned to establish a new scanner connection with a different host PC. b. This connection will persist even if the scanner goes to sleep, looses battery charge or has its battery changed.

5. Multi-Scanner Support a. The Cordless Bluetooth Wedge supports data input from up to 7 cordless scanners simultaneously. b. To identify which scanner generated the bar code data, put a check in the “Add Scanner Name to Data” checkbox on the “Options 1” tab.  

Release Notes

Version 1.0 Initial release

Version 2.0 Rebranded as Zebra Cordless Bluetooth Wedge and introduced Zebra folder structure

Minimum PC Requirements



Setup Procedure

1. One Time PC Configuration - Upon installation of the Cordless Bluetooth Wedge, the user needs to insure their host PC is discoverable and connectable to their Zebra Bluetooth scanner by enabling the check boxes as shown below.  

2. Initiating Bluetooth Connection – Scan the application generated pairing barcode to establish the connection between the cordless scanner and its host PC. The bar code can be scanned from the PC’s screen or printed. For details, see the image below. 

a. Bluetooth 2.1 or higher compliant PCs – Secure and simple pairing is automatically initiated. At initial connection of the cordless scanner to the host PC, accept the incoming Bluetooth secure connection request, as shown in the image below. 

b. Bluetooth 2.0 or lower – Security must be initiated manually. If prompted for a security pass code enter your 5 digit security pass code (default value = 12345) into the PC. This enables the PC/scanner pairing. For additional information on initiating a secure connection, see your cordless scanner’s Product Reference Guide (PRG).

3. Bluetooth Connection Established – As notification the scanner and PC are paired, the scanner will emit a connection beep. The scanner is now ready to transmit data to the host PC.

4. Host Application Setup - Open the host application and start scanning. Insure the host application has Windows focus by clicking on the application using the mouse.

5. Optional Step – Prevent data from going to wrong applications by entering the target application name on the Options 2 tab.

Data Formatting

The Cordless Bluetooth Wedge application supports applying both a prefix and or suffix to the scanned data. For details see the “Options 1” tab image below.   


How do I launch the Cordless Bluetooth Wedge

a. Two options exist for launching the application

  • Option 1: Double click the “Cordless Bluetooth Wedge” shortcut found in Start\All Programs\Zebra Scanner\Cordless Bluetooth Wedge
  • Option 2: Double click the BTWedge.exe file found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Cordless Bluetooth Wedge 2. If data does not appear in your application

If data does not appear in your application:

  • Ensure the host application has windows focus by clicking on the application using the mouse.
  • Ensure your scanner is connected to the Cordless Bluetooth Wedge and listed within the connected scanners list on the “Scanners” tab.
  • If a target application has been entered in the Options 2 tab, insure it is the desired application.  

How do I direct data to only one application?

a. From the Options 2 tab enter the target application name. If the desired application loses Windows focus or is not open, upon scanning a bar code the scanner will emit a beep, indicating data was not transmitted to the target application.  

What version of the application am I running?

To determine the version of the Cordless Bluetooth Wedge, click the “About” tab.  

What is the default installation path for the Cordless Bluetooth Wedge?

a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Cordless Bluetooth Wedge