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IDockIt v. 5.08.00 (WEHH 6.5) Release Notes


iDockIt manages the activities that can occur when you connect the MC909x handheld terminal to a PC using a cradle (Ethernet, modem, serial, USB) or USB or serial cable. iDockIt can enable the terminal to connect automatically to a PC, network, or the Internet and then exchange information or launch an application. iDockIt lets you establish settings for each type of connection.


1. Added support for MC92N0 WinCE 7.0

2. Added support for MC92N0 WEHH65


1. for CE7.0 

2. for WEHH65

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.


Operating System


Windows CE 7.0, WEHH65

Part Number and Release Date

June, 2014