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MC2100 Clean Boot Package Version 1.0 Release Notes


This package clean-boots the MC2100 terminal which is running with WCE6.0 operating system and puts the terminal into default factory settings.  If it is required, it cleans the Application folder also.



The e 21xxc60xxxCB000001 .zip contains a n OSUpdate utility pac kage will help to clean boot the terminal. The 21xxc60xxxDBA0000 contains an OSUpdate utility package will help to clean boot and blank the application folder ( it will erase all existing applications in the Application folder )


1. - Cleans only the Platform partition

2. - Cleans both Application and Platform partition

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.


Operating System                                             


 Windows CE 6.0


 Windows CE 6.0 

Installation Requirements

MC2100 device must contain a released version of CE 6.0 Software.

Installation Instructions

 Refer to  INSTRUCTIONS.TXT found in the ZIP files.

Part Number and Release Date



December 22, 2011