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Cordless ScanToConnect for Windows Version 2.0 Release Notes


The Cordless ScanToConnect app enables a Bluetooth scanner to pair directly to a PC/tablet/phone by scanning an on-screen barcode, replacing the need for a paper pairing label. This paperless pairing solution wirelessly connects the scanner directly to the host, without the need of a cradle. 

Once a scanner and host are paired, no repairing (rescanning of the ScanToConnect pairing bar code) is required, even upon device wake up, assuming auto-reconnect has been enabled.

If using ScanToConnect to pair your scanner to a PC/tablet/phone host, the scanner must first be configured to communication properly with the host. This will include but may not be limited to scanning the communication protocol parameter barcode. Use 123Scan to generate the 2D parameter barcode that will setup communication between the scanner and the host.

Device Compatibility

Supported Scanners: All Symbol cordless scanners except the CS3070.

Release Notes

Version 1.0 – December 10, 2015

1.      Initial release

Version 2.0 – February 20, 2016

1.      Rebranded to Zebra Technologies


The components are installed in the following folders:

Default location = C:\Program Files\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\ScanToConnect




Program Files\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\ScanToConnect

Minimum PC Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium Dual-Core E214 1.6GHz or Pentium Mobile Dual-Core T2060 or Pentium Celeron E1200 1.6GHz
  • 2GB RAM 1.2 GB free hard drive space

Operating System Requirements

Cordless ScanToConnect is compatible with the native Bluetooth driver on your PC/tablet/phone OS.

  • Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit)
  • Windows 8/8.1 (32 bit/64 bit)



Cordless ScanToConnect can be launched from the Windows 7 Start button

  • Start / All Programs / Zebra Scanner / Cordless ScanToConnect

Cordless ScanToConnect can be launched using Windows 8.1 from Start Screen

  • Start Screen / Apps / Zebra Scanner / Cordless ScanToConnect