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STB3574 Cradle Update Utility Industrial Ethernet Software v. 1.1 Release Notes


Thank you for selecting Zebra Technologies as your mobility solution tool provider.  The Zebra Industrial Ethernet Software Package provides all the components necessary to configure your Zebra Industrial Ethernet Device. It also includes Industrial Ethernet Sample Applications and Device Definition files. Please refer to the STB3574 Developers Guide for more information. 

Thank you,

The Zebra Technologies Enterprise Mobility Software Development Team

Device Compatibility

This software is meant to be used with Zebra Industrial Ethernet Devices, including (but not limited to) the STB3574 Industrial Ethernet Cradle. The sample applications and Device Definition files were tested with Logix 5000 Studio for EtherNet/IP and TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) v13 SP1 for PROFINET. Although the definition files should import into other compatible software versions, the sample applications may only work with the aforementioned software packages.

Release Notes

Version 1.13

This is the initial version of the software package. The software is described in detail in the STB3574 Developers Guide.




Zebra Industrial Ethernet Configuration Utility

<Root Installation Folder>
Default: C:\Zebra Scanner\Industrial Ethernet Software\

PROFINET Samples and GSD File

<Root Installation Folder> \PROFINET
Default: C:\Zebra Scanner\Industrial Ethernet Software\PROFINET

EtherNet/IP Samples and EDS File

<Root Installation Folder> \EtherNetIP
Default: C:\Zebra Scanner\Industrial Ethernet Software\EtherNetIP


Follow the on screen instructions after executing the install package. 

Release Date

Last revised:  March 21, 2016

Copyright (c) 2003-20016

Zebra Technologies Corp.