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Workabout Pro 3 AZERTY Keyboard Release Notes


The WORKABOUT PRO 3 now supports the AZERTY keyboard layout in a 48-key configuration. This layout is available on the French language variant of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic and Professional. Software changes have been completed to support this hardware configuration, but the changes are not yet available in an operating system. Until that point, it is possible to use the AZERTY configuration by installing the following software on the device:

Necessary Software and Firmware:

WORKABOUT PRO 3 Operating System:
WM6.1 Release 5.0.798

  • 7527_WM61_PRO_FRA_MULTI_5.0.798_A290j.img
  • 7527_WM61_CLA_FRA_MULTI_5.0.798_A290j.img

7527BooSt - Signed Ultrasecure 796.1_K139k

Microcontroller version 2 -

  • 7527uC_Keyboard ~ 797.2_A110o
  • 7527uC_Power ~ 797.2_A110o

In order to make use of the AZERTY keyboard, the following CAB files must be used.

The difference between the QUERTY Keyboard and the AZERTY Keyboard is swtching of the "Q and A" plus "W and Z" keys as well as the replacment of the dollar "$" sign with the euro "€" sign.

The AZERTY configuration is only functional when in the French Operating System and NOT while in BooSt.

It is important to note that as long as the device is not "clean started", the AZERTY Keyboard configuration will remain in effect.

In the event of a "Clean Start Main OS" from within BooSt is performed, the keyboard will revert to the QWERTY layout, and will require the installation of the Addon CAB file specified above.

Keyboard Scan Codes"
The keyboard scan code re-mappings added by the installation of the Add-On cab are accessible in Scancode Remapping control panel applet. If you remove those settings, then the keyboard will revert to QWERTY.

Total Recall Option

The user may decide to use Total Recall to backup and restore the device configuration, however it must be noted that an external storage media (SD, USB flash) must be used to store the Total Recall Profile. The reason for this is because when a clean start main OS is invoked in Windows Mobile devices, the entire flash is re-formatted and an original version of the Operating System is re-installed.

Installation Instructions

Replacing System Software on Workabout Pro G2 and Workabout PRO3

WORKABOUT PRO Software Upgrade Guide:

These instructions are intended to be used on WorkAbout Pro devices.

Please read the following cautions before performing this function:

1) Performing this function will require re-installation of all applications presently on the device.

2) All settings will have to be reconfigured.

3) Installed OS will not be preserved. 

Format Procedure:

1) Confirm that the Multi-Image is named 7527OS.img and copy it to a SD or USB storage device. 

2) Remove or rename any other file on the storage device named 7527OS.img.

3) Ensure that the main battery is well charged, or the device is in a powered docking station.

4) Insert the storage device.

5) Boot the device into BooSt by pressing and holding the Blue + Enter + Scan button for 7 seconds.

6) The image should run, and load the appropriate files. Do not remove the storage device or power until the upgrade process has been successfully completed.

 On Windows Mobile 6.1-based systems

1. Download the add-on CAB file to your WAP3.

2. Double-click the add-on CAB filename to install the CAB file.

WAP3 does an automatic restart to complete the installation.

Release Date

September 24, 2010