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+ Mobile Computers - Handheld


MC18 Lollipop MC18 Kitkat MC32 Jellybean MC36 KitKat (1D) MC36 KitKat (2D) MC40 Voice Lollipop MC40 Voice Kitkat MC40 Voice Jellybean MC40 Non-Voice Lollipop MC40 Non-Voice Kitkat MC40 Non-Voice Jellybean MC40 FIPS KitKat MC40 FIPS Jellybean MC67 Premium KitKat MC67 Premium Jellybean MC67 Premium FIPS KitKat MC92 Premium KitKat TC51 GMS Marshmallow TC51 Non-GMS Marshmallow TC51 GMS Nougat TC51 Non-GMS Nougat TC55 GMS KitKat TC55 Non-GMS KitKat TC55 GMS Jellybean TC55 Non-GMS Jellybean TC55 Verizon 3G GMS JB TC55 Verizon 3G n-GMS JB TC55 Verizon 4G GMS JB TC55 Verizon 4G n-GMS JB TC56 GMS Marshmallow TC56 Non-GMS Marshmallow TC70 GMS Lollipop TC70 Non-GMS Lollipop TC70 GMS FIPS Lollipop TC70 n-GMS FIPS Lollipop TC70 GMS Kitkat TC70 Non-GMS Kitkat TC70x GMS Marshmallow TC70x n-GMS Marshmallow TC75 GMS Lollipop TC75 Non-GMS Lollipop TC75 n-GMS FIPS Lollipop TC75 GMS Kitkat TC75 Non-GMS Kitkat TC75x GMS Marshmallow TC75x n-GMS Marshmallow TC8000 GMS Lollipop TC8000 Non-GMS Lollipop TC8000 Non-GMS Kitkat


7530 G2 CE 5.0 EP10 WEHH 6.5 MC1000 CE 5.0 MC17 CE 5.0 MC18 CE 7.0 MC2100 Core CE 6.0 MC2100 Professional CE 6.0 MC3100 CE 6.0 MC3190 CE 6.0 MC3190 WM 6.5.3 MC3190 WEHH 6.5 MC3200 Premium CE 7.0 MC3200 Standard CE 7.0 MC45 WM 6.5.3 MC55A0/A0-HC WM 6.5.3 MC55N0 WM 6.5.3 RFD5500 Sled WM 6.5.3 MC55E0/E0-HC WEHH 6.5 MC65 WM 6.5.3 MC67NA Base WM 6.5.3 MC67NA Premium WEHH 6.5 MC67ND WEHH 6.5 MC75A WM 6.5.3 MC9100 WM 6.5.3 MC9200 Premium WEHH 6.5 MC9200 Premium CE 7.0 MC9200 Standard WEHH 6.5 MC9200 Standard CE 7.0 MC9590 WEHH 6.5 MC9590 WM 6.1 MC9596 WEHH 6.5 MC9596 WM 6.1 MC9598 WEHH 6.5 MC9598 WM 6.1 Omnii RT15 WEHH 6.5 Omnii RT15 CE 6.0 Omnii XT10 WEHH 6.5 Omnii XT10 CE 6.0 Omnii XT15 WEHH 6.5 Omnii XT15 CE 6.0 SB1/SB1-HC CE 6.0 TC70x Windows 10 IoT Workabout Pro 3 WM 6.1 Workabout Pro 3 CE 5.0 Workabout Pro 4 WEHH 6.5 Workabout Pro 4 CE 6.0

+ Mobile Computers - Vehicle Mounted


8515 CE 5.0 8525 G2/8530 G2 CE 5.0 VC5090 CE 5.0 VC6090 WM 6.5.3 VC6090 WM 6.1 VC70 CE 7.0 VC80 Windows 10 VC80 Windows 7

+ Mobile Computers - Wearable


RS507 Firmware RS5000 Firmware RS6000 Firmware WT4000 Windows CE 5.0 WT6000 Android

+ Mobile Computers - 9160 G2 Narrowband

+9160 G2 Narrowband

9160 G2 Firmware for Linux

+ Tablets


ET1 Gingerbread ET1 Jellybean ET50 GMS Marshmallow ET50 Non-GMS Marshmallow ET50 GMS Lollipop ET50 Non-GMS Lollipop ET55 GMS Marshmallow ET55 N0n-GMS Marshmallow ET55 GMS Lollipop ET55 Non-GMS Lollipop

+ Kiosks


CC5000-10 Lollipop CC5000-10 Jellybean


MK500 CE 5.0 MK3100 CE 7.0 MK4000 CE 5.0