Alert Notification

The Alert Notification component is used to display messaging of the highest importance, typically for issues that may be harmful to the user, such a computer virus or product recall.

*This component is only implemented by the Zebra Web Team since it needs to be reserved for sensitive messaging. Please contact the Web Team to add this component on a page.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Updated 5:00pm UTC 2016-05-13

Authoring, Requirements and Specifications

Text Field

  • Required Field
  • Quanity: 1-3
  • Case: Sentence except the reason for the alert at the start of the line which is all caps
    • Messaging should be as brief as possible
    • A comma will cause a line break
  • Character count (recommended max.): 125 not including "Updated [time] [date]"
  • Translatable Field: Yes

Global Alerts

  • Site Location: Alerts that apply to all or a majority of countries are added to pages in Global US and rolled out to the relevant countries
  • Date (if applicable): Use the international date format yyyy-mm-dd
  • Time (if applicable): Use the 24-hour clock system using the Coodinated Universal Time (UTC) standard, e.g. 03:14 UTC

Localized Alerts

  • Site Location: Alerts specific to only one or a few countries are added to pages in the global site location to be rolled out to the live country site
  • Date (if applicable): The date may be displayed in the localized format or the international date format
  • Time (if applicable): A localized time standard and time zone may be used in place of the Coodinated Universal Time (UTC) standard

Authoring Notes

  • Layout Options: should not be used within the Column Control component

Similar Components

  • Use the Shaded Box Container is used to highlight or create distinct content areas on a page, but not is meant for critical messaging.