Reference Component

The Reference Component allows users to take a piece of content already on one page and display it on the local page of the component without doing any additional authoring. Users only have to navigate to a page within the component, then select the component from the selected page that they wish to display on their current page. This is also designed to work with the Reference Container to allow authors to build blocks of multiple components to display with some additional name differentiation available


Value Desktop Printers

G-Series GC

Affordability Meets High-Quality

Zebra’s G-Series GC desktop printers provide an affordable, entry-level option for your essential barcoding needs. GC420 printers deliver the quality and reliability that Zebra customers trust — in a compact design.


  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

Used For

  • Asset & Record Labeling
  • Receipt Printing

Use Cases

Authoring, Requirements and Specifications


  • Page Components: there must be components on the page selected for the component to reference

Link Navigation

  • Sole authoring field
  • Navigate to page with components to reference

Authoring Notes

  • Once a page is selected, preview boxes will display for the author to select
  • Along with the boxes, the component name will display to help authors select the correct component
  • Reference Container allows the name to be customized for additioanl ease of authoring

Similar Components

  • Use the Reference Container when you want to group components together to reference in the reference component