Reference Container

The Reference Container allows authors to take group several components together without any styling or padding within a standard page and use the reference component to pull the entire group of components onto a page. This gives authors greater flexibility and efficiency and encourages reuse of blocks of content on the site. Additionally, the container can give a unique authored name to a block of content making it easier for authors to select from a page that holds several


Reference Container holding multiple components.

Use Cases

Authoring, Requirements and Specifications


  • Page Components: There must be one or multiple components on a page to place into the reference container, as well as a reference component for this to be used

Title Field

  • Sole authoring field
  • Gives a unique authored name to be displayed in the authoring view for the reference container

Authoring Notes

  • Component is placed on a page, and can be filled with other components
  • The component will work without the name field
  • The component will cause no visible difference to the page outside of author view
  • The name field will be shown to authors in the reference component to allow easier selection

Similar Components

  • Use the Reference Component when you want select a reference container to show on a page