Text and Contact Buttons

The Text and Contact Buttons component is used to create a focus on to the desired action(s) a user should take on the page. In general, the CTAs should link to pages to generate sales leads.

The component is made up of authorable text areas and CTAs with an option to add horizontal rules above and below component.


First rich text field lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Second rich text field lorem ipsum

Use Cases

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Authoring, Requirements and Specifications

Text and Contact Buttons Parent Component

The Text and Contact Buttons component consists of individual Rich Text Editor and CTA components. Two Rich Text Editor components will be placed on the page by default and the number of CTAs is determined by the "Add CTA buttons count" field within the Text and Contact Buttons editor.

The option to add the horizontal rules at the top an bottom of the component is also available within the Text and Contact Buttons editor.


  • Border: Top, Bottom, or Both
  • Number of CTAs: 1-3
  • Text Fields: 1-2
  • Text Styles: All text styles available

First Rich Text Editor 

  • Usage: Must be used to indicate what purpose the CTAs serve
  • Style: H2 or H3
  • Case: Sentence or Title depending on copy
  • Character count (recommended): 55 including spaces
  • Line breaks: Line breaks should not be used unless the text causes component to be misaligned
    • Use <Shift>+<Return> if a line break is necessary but is not recommended
  • Translatable Field: Yes

Second Rich Text Editor 

  • Usage: Optional for additional context for the CTAs
  • Style: Paragraph
  • Case: Sentence
  • Character count (recommended): 40 including spaces
  • Line breaks: Line breaks should not be used
  • Translatable Field: Yes


  • Quantity: 1-3
  • Translatable Field: Yes
  • Please refer to the Call to Action Component Page for additional authoring information

Similar Components

A combination of the Rich Text and Call to Action components can be used to create the same functionality, but the Text and Contact Buttons component creates consistency and simpifies the authoring workflow to create an area on the page for the main user actions.