Zebra.com Header and Footer




The Zebra logo is used to identify the website and will link to the homepage when clicked.

Primary Navigation

The Primary Navigation allows users to access the primary sections of the site. On screens wider than 834 pixels, the primary navigation items allow for multiple levels of menus when hovering on the label for users to access the page they are looking for quickly with fewer clicks. Any changes to the architecture of the top two levels of Zebra.com can affect the navigation. 

Utility Navigation

The Utility Navigation, which includes the Site Search, Log In and Country Selector provides quick access to common tasks that can be done from any page on the site. On small screens, the Log In and Country Selector are hidden and not available to users.

Chat/Contact Us

The Chat/Contact Us button can found on pages that can strategically drive Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), such as products. When a customer service representative is available, the button will display the Chat function allowing users to contact someone immediately with any questions they have. If a customer service representative is not available, a Contact Us button is displayed and links to the Contact Us form. The Chat/Contact Us feature is not intended to serve as a support function for users to get direct help for Zebra products, solutions or services. The Chat/Contact Us button is only available on screens wider than 970 pixels.




The About Zebra section provides links to the pages related to information about the company direct customer service pages.


The map does not have any functionality associated with it and serves only as a visual representation that Zebra is a global company. 


The Follow section provides links to Zebra's social properties and blog. 

Action Buttons

The primary calls to action for users to take on Zebra.com, "Contact Zebra" and "Find a Partner", are available in the footer in a consistent location from every page to be found easily and quickly.


The Sub-footer provides access to the legal site information and disclaimers.