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We’re Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day and Your Business is Invited

Uncover five easy ways your business can help reduce our collective carbon footprint and protect the planet.


April 22 is Earth Day, and this year marks its 50th Anniversary. Earth Day was created back in 1969 when U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson called upon all Americans to take a stand for a more healthy, sustainable Earth. Now, more than ever, there are steps we can take as humans and business owners to help protect our planet from accelerated climate change and provide a more hopeful future for generations to come.

For example, as a business owner, you could…

  1. 1. Print More Sustainably

    Standard printing creates a ton of waste. Between the ink cartridges, backing and packaging there’s a ton of plastic that gets tossed out. But what if there was a better way? Thankfully, companies are becoming aware and beginning to offer more sustainable solutions – such as thermal printing and recyclable cartridges that are more eco-friendly and can make big impact long term.

  1. 2. Have a Recycle Bin for You and Customers

    If you don’t already have one, setting up a recycle bin in your workspace or shop is an easy way to redirect items you, your employees and your customers toss all the time, like mixed paper, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans and more. And remind customers to recycle the packaging (if they can) when you ship orders. That leads us to the next tip…

  1. 3. Consider Eco-Friendly Packaging

    So much waste goes into the way products are typically packaged and shipped. But luckily there are plenty of alternatives you can use instead to set an example for other businesses and prove to your customers you really do care about the environment. For example, biodegradable packaging peanuts, corrugated bubble wraps, and air pillows made of recycled materials can help keep your orders safe during shipment. There are even special tapes that can be recycled, so nothing you ship ends up in the landfill. Your customers will appreciate the effort you’re making, especially if their goal is to make more eco-friendly choices too!

  1. 4. Offer Paperless Options

    When checking a customer out, most customers will want a receipt and then crumble it a few seconds later—we’re all guilty of it. Offering a way to text or email receipts will eliminate paper waste while still giving customers confirmation of their orders. Unnecessary return labels could also cause waste. If customers need to make a return, you can include the steps on your website on how to download if needed.

  1. 5. Spread Awareness through Social Media

    Last, and most certainly not least, spreading awareness is so important to inform others about the difference we can all make by working together. You can use the hashtag #EarthDay and communicate to your customers how your business makes a difference every day. But don’t stop there! Any chance you have to share sustainable tips can help.

    And with that in mind, you can find more tips on how to make your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly by visiting


Did You Know?!

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