Retail Merchandising

Increase Sales and Margins Through Improved Allocation Efficiency and Accuracy

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics is an essential tool for retail merchandisers, buyers, allocators and planners. The robust AI- and machine learning-powered analysis points you directly to opportunities to optimise inventory and localisation, increase forecast accuracy, maximise availability and ensure planogram compliance for an exceptional customer experience.

  • Maximise Availability

    Zebra Prescriptive Analytics helped a retailer capitalise on a demand surge after a regional soccer team won a championship. The solution directed all stores surrounding the region to transfer their stock of the team branded apparel to stores within the team region. The sales streak brought in over $20,000.

  • Increase Sales

    A shoe retailer leveraged Zebra Prescriptive Analytics to find sales opportunities for its excess summer sandals. The solution directed the retail merchandisers to transfer the unsold sandals to stores in cold-winter states, where customers bought them for holiday holidays. The retailer saw a large revenue increase.

  • Drive Compliance

    A clothing chain leveraged Zebra Prescriptive Analytics to flag stores whose markdowns showed no sales increases. The solution found hundreds of stores meeting the criteria, revealing annual losses of $1 million due to markdown non-compliance and fraud. Corrective action is ongoing.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics for:

Retail Store Operations

Empower store managers to optimise the customer experience, increase sales and improve store operations with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics.

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Asset Protection and Loss Prevention

Protect assets and prevent loss by identifying cases of shrink, non-compliance and discount abuse real time with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics for retail.

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Zebra's Prescriptive Analytics effectively improves logistics from the manufacturing facility to the receiving dock. Learn more.

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Retail IT

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics offers fast deployment times, industry leading cybersecurity and more for retail industry IT.

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Retail Warehousing

Maximise productivity, accuracy, and compliance throughout the warehouse with Zebra' Prescriptive Analytics. Learn more about how Zebra can help your warehouse.

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Retail Finance

Increase revenue and reduce losses with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics. This solution helps the finance team identify the root causes of underwhelming numbers.

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Planning and Buying Infographic

Planning and Buying Infographic

Download this infographic to learn how Zebra Prescriptive Analytics benefits merchandisers, allocators and planners.

Grocery store clerk doing price check on an item using a TC52.

Managing Unexpected Demand Surges

Learn how to prepare for and manage unexpected demand surges and panic buying with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics.

Grocery store clerk with a tablet helping customer.

The Analytics Capability that Retailers Don’t Know They’re Underusing

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