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Jewelry Label

Recyclable Label Cartridge
ZSB-LC8 Jewelry Labels


Color: White
Size: 2.25” x 0.5” Inch
Brand: Zebra
Finish Type: Potato Starch
Shape: Rectangular

  • Virtually unjammable label cartridge
  • Easy to load/unload - frustration-free printing
  • Recyclable Label Cartridge made from Potato Starch
  • Allows you to know how many labels you have - with cloud-based cartridge monitoring


Eco Friendly printing is what we’re about!

Our virtually unjammable cartridges are made from potato starch, which means they are compostable. You can even plant them in your garden! 

Now you can focus on growing your business, and still be confident about your environmental impact.



Labels for shipping, mailing and everything else you need.

Save time with more than 70 pre-generated label designs. Product/Brand labels, Bottle/Jar labels, Signage Labels (Caution, Hazard, etc, Shipping and much more

Choose your printer based on your needs.

ZSB 2-Inch Printer

MSRP – $129.99

Works with ZSB Series 1” and 2” label
cartridges to meet your labeling needs.

ZSB 4-Inch Printer

MSRP – $229.99

Works with ZSB Series 1”, 2” and 4” label cartridges to meet your labeling and shipping needs.