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Thermal Printing: The Better Way to Print Labels

Choosing an office label printer can be annoying and time-consuming… but it’s an important step. If you choose wrong – a bad printer could wreak havoc on your business with errors and delays that eat into profits.

But with so many options out there — thermal, ink jet, or laser — it’s hard to know what’s best, especially when you don’t have a ton of time for trial and error.  

Why not simplify your label printing?

There’s a reason why small businesses are migrating to thermal printing, and that’s because it’s faster, easier and far less frustrating overall.

Read on to uncover why.

What are thermal label printers?
And how do they work?

It’s incredible… but thermal printers actually print WITHOUT ink.


They use specially coated thermal paper that changes color when heated.

Why is this better for you?

Less supplies to buy means fewer moving parts that might break or jam… like annoying ink cartridges or ribbons.

Plus, there’s no need to waste an entire label sheet. Save time and paper with sustainable printing.

All of this not only makes your day-to-day a breeze, but much more affordable, too!

Why a thermal printer over other printers?

When compared to an ink jet or laser printer, a thermal printer saves you valuable time and effort. Here’s why:

  • Ship confidently knowing there’s no smudging when exposed to rain
  • Print instantly with no warm-up or drying time required
  • Switch out label sizes easily when needed
  • Take work with you on-the-go with a small label printer

What’s next?

If you’re convinced on thermal, and now you just need the right thermal label printer that can do the job and do it well…. look no further than the Zebra ZSB series.

Why ZSB?

Easy to set-up and use

Save precious time with guided mobile setup, an intuitive interface and self-setting cartridges to get the most out of your day.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Eliminate toxic environmental waste with a thermal printer with parts that are entirely sustainable and recyclable. Yes, you read that right. The unjammable cartridges are actually made from potato starch. Even the packaging and box are 100% recyclable, too!

Versatile for your craft

Change the label size when you need to, by replacing the cartridge in just a few
seconds — it’s that simple. No need to waste label sheets with this thermal label printer.

Endless label options

Leverage our ready-to-use label templates to create and design custom labels on the fly. Even personalize by label type and size to keep prints your way.

Supported by the pros

Scale and grow with the leaders in thermal printing. With dedicated customer support, know Zebra has got your back.

End the Plug n’ Pray

The solution is simple. Invest in technology that works with you, not against you. So, you can focus on what you do best.

Partner with the market leader in thermal printers and uncover new business potential —only with Zebra.