105SL Parallel Port Communications Information

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Topic or Information

Communicating to printer via parallel port connection

This solution is useful for

  • Parallel port connections
  • Checking parallel port parameters
  • Parallel cabling and pin out requirements
  • Diagnosing data received by the printer

Symptoms resolved by this solution include


  • Data light does not flash when print job is sent
  • Data light flashes but does not print
  • Printing garbage, skips print, and random misprints


Applies To

105SL Printer


Parallel port connectivity - Use this checklist for troubleshooting.

  • To ensure the printer is properly communicating to the host equipment it requires the correct IEEE 12844 compatible cable and not exceed 10 feet in length. The LCD display menu item  PARALLEL COMM should be set to parallel. Read More>>
  • Verify the printer is getting ZPL formatted data. The printer will not respond to data if it does not contain the ZPL commands to print.
    - Use the Communications Diagnostics to view the data the printer is getting Read More>>
    - U
    se the Zebra Setup Utility to send commands to the printer to test communications Read More>>


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