Assigning DHCP or Static IP on ZC Series Printers

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Issue / Question

How do I assign DHCP or Static IP on ZC series printers

How do I turn Off DHCP

How do I turn On DHCP

Applicable To

ZC100, ZC300, ZC350

Resolution / Answer

First install the USB driver and connect the printer to your PC with a USB cable.
The driver can be found here 

Wired connection settings are configured while the printer is connected via USB to prevent possible loss of communication.

Select your printer and open printing preferences.

Select advanced settings

Then Connectivity / Wired Network

The Connectivity tab enables the user to configure the respective network options, either wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi when the wireless option has been fitted).
The Status (top) section of the Wired Network window shows either Not Connected or Connected, the IP address of the printer (if connected), and the MAC address.

Settings (bottom section)

  1. Turn DHCP off to set a static IP address. (default is On)
  2. Turn SNMP off if you do not want the printer to be discoverable on the network. (default is On)
  3. IPv4 Address: Displays the IP address of the printer (if connected).
  4. Subnet Address: Displays the subnet the printer resides on.
  5. Gateway: Displays the gateway.

Note  IPv4, subnet, and gateway settings are configurable only when DHCP is turned off.


+ Applicable Products

  • ZC100
  • ZC300-LA-APAC
  • ZC300-NA-EMEA
  • ZC350