Chinese Hans font in China customized printer

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Issue / Question

Information about Hans font offered by Zebra for printers

What is the Hans font?

How can I print Chinese characters?

How can I see the Hans font is loaded in my printer?

Applicable To

China customized printer, ZRxxx,except ZR128

Resolution / Answer

The Hans font is a Chinese (Simplified) font base on 思源宋体 (Source Han Serif,Google named Noto Serif CJK) font, using GB18030 or Unicode character encoding. The base font is open source.

It is used in conjunction with ZPL (printer command language) to print Chinese characters with Zebra printers.
This font cannot be purchased from Zebra and printers cannot be upgraded with this font in the field.
The printer models which China customized ZRxxx series except ZR128 have been loaded with Hans font by default.
The GB18030 character set (GB18030.DAT encoding table) is also loaded in these printer configurations.

The Hans font have 2 stored name, HANSSC.TTF or HANS.TTF in different batch printer.

Following are ways to identify the fonts installed on your Zebra printer.
Please consult your printers User Guide for further details. Read More>>

  • -Print font list via driver
  • -Print object list via driver
  • -Send ZPL command “^XA^WDE:*.*^XZ” to the printer to printout object in printer’s internal flash memory

The Hans font will not be deleted during a printer flash memory initialization.

To free up space in the memory of the printer, the font can be deleted.
The following ZPL command can be used:


Alternatively this SGD command can be used:


Please refer to the ZPL manual for more details. Read More>>
Note: If the font has been removed it cannot be reloaded in the field.

Here is a sample ZPL script to use the Hans font and GB18030 character set for printing Chinese characters.


Similar result can be achieved with Unicode character encoding.
Here is a sample ZPL script using UTF-8 encoding.


+ Applicable Products

  • EM220II Mobile Printers
  • EM220II Mobile Printers
  • MZ Series
  • MZ-220
  • MZ-320
  • P4T Mobile Printers
  • P4T Mobile Printers
  • Portfolio & Product
  • QL Series Mobile Printers
  • QL320 Mobile Printer
  • QL420 Mobile Printer
  • QLn Series Healthcare Mobile Printers
  • QLn Series Mobile Printers
  • QLn220 Healthcare
  • QLn220 Mobile Printer
  • QLn320 Healthcare
  • QLn320 Mobile Printer
  • QLn420 Mobile Printer
  • RW 220 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Print Station
  • RW Series Mobile Printers
  • ZQ110 Mobile Printers
  • ZQ300 Series
  • ZQ300 Series Inside
  • ZQ300 Series Outside
  • ZQ310
  • ZQ320
  • ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers
  • ZQ510 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ520 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ600 Series
  • ZQ600-HC Series
  • ZQ610
  • ZQ610-HC
  • ZQ620
  • ZQ620-HC
  • ZR128 Mobile Printers
  • ZR300 Series Mobile Printers
  • ZR318 Mobile Printers
  • ZR328 Mobile Printers
  • ZR338 Mobile Printers
  • ZR600 Series Healthcare Mobile Printers
  • ZR600 Series Mobile Printers
  • ZR628