PDF Direct Activation

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How can I activate PDF Direct?

Applicable To

Link-OS Compatible Printers

Resolution / Answer

NOTE The PDF Direct installation files can be found in the firmware zip file and this option is now free for all the printers which support Link OS 6.3.


  1. Run ZDownloader, and click Auto-detect printers.
  1. Select the printer from the list, and click File Select Firmware File.
  1. Locate and select the NRD file included in the downloaded .zip file.
  2. Click Printer > Download to selected.
  3. To activate PDF Direct on the printer, select it in Virtual Device, under the Language menu on the printer display. If the printer is not equipped with a display, send the following command:
! U1 setvar "apl.enable" "pdf"

NOTE Ensure to add a new line after the above command by pressing enter on your keyboard. For more information, refer to Zebra Setup Utilities -- Sending Printer Commands and Receiving Data.

To temporarily disable PDF Direct, send the following command:

! U1 setvar "apl.enable" "none" 



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  • PDF Direct Virtual Device