ZC Out of Cards Error

Article ID: 73353539

Issue / Question

ZC Printer Showing Out of Cards Error

Applicable To

ZC100, ZC300, ZC350

Resolution / Answer

When you see this error showing on the ZC printer, it mean the printer did not detect any card in the printer.

Check if there are physical card in the input hopper.

If there are no card in the input hopper, load blank cards into the input hopper.

If there are card in the feeder and this error still shown, you may do the following:

Go to your driver and under "Advanced Setting" tab > Sensors and Calibration option

Sensor should read "Present" when cards are loaded. You may Manually PUSH the flag down and check against the Sensor Status. 


+ Applicable Products

  • ZC100
  • ZC150
  • ZC350