ZD888 Media Handling and Loading

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Issue / Question

How do I load the media into the ZD888 printer? What is the best way to handle and store my media rolls?

Applicable To

ZD888 Thermal Transfer and ZD888 Direct Thermal printers

Resolution / Answer

The ZD888 printer setup cannot be completed without media. The media may be labels, tags, tickets, receipt paper, fan-fold stacks, tamper proof labels, etc.

Careful handling and storage of your media is important in order to maximise print quality. 
If the media becomes contaminated or dirty, it can damage the printer and cause defects in the printed image (voids, streaks, discoloration, compromise the adhesive, etc.).

The printers support the three basic types of media:

  • Continuous (receipt, etc.) with no marks to define print length,
  • Marked media (black lines, black marks, notches, or holes) to define print length
  • Label media that uses the sensor to look through the media backing (liner) to see the beginning and end of labels on the roll.

The printer utilizes two (2) sensing methods to accommodate a wide range of media

  • Center area transmissive sensing for continuous media and gap/web label media.
  • Half width movable (reflective) sensing for print format (length) using black marks, black lines, notches or holes.

For full details on ZD888 media handling and loading including details on media sensing, please click here>>
(please note that the diagrams are of the ZD888 Thermal Transfer printer but the details are the same)

+ Applicable Products

  • ZD888D
  • ZD888T
  • ZD888T-HC