ZT400 Rewind Option

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Issue / Question

The Rewind option for the ZT410 and ZT420 provides full label rewind or Peel/Liner Take-Up operation.

Applicable To

ZT410 ZT420

Resolution / Answer

The Rewind option comes with the Front-mount passive peel for the peel process.

This Rewind option cannot be fitted to the printer after purchase.

This is a factory fit option only.

**Please note that there is no Liner Take-Up option for the ZT420. If a customer wants to take up the backing of the labels, they will need the factory fitted Rewind option.**

ZT410 with Rewind Installed - Printer Open

ZT410 with Rewind Installed - Printer Closed

+ Applicable Products

  • ZT410 Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 Industrial Printer