ZT510 & ZT600 Energy Star Mode Details

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Issue / Question

How to enable, disable and set the idle time for Energy Star on the ZT510 and ZT600 printers

Applicable To

ZT610, ZT620

Resolution / Answer

When Energy Star mode is enabled, the printer goes into a “sleep” mode after a timeout period, thereby lowering power consumption. Press any button on the control panel to bring

the printer back to an active state.

To enable or disable Energy Star functionality on the ZT600 printers, you can use the below SGD command:
! U1 setvar "power.energy_star.enable"  "value"

"on" = enables the EnergyStar functionality
"off" = disables the EnergyStar functionality

Default: "on"

Energy Star can also be enabled via the front panel menu in the Tools section.

To set the amount of idle time before EnergyStar mode in invoked, use the below SGD command:
! U1 setvar "power.energy_star.timeout" "value"

Default value = 180
Value choices: 180-65535 

The time is specified is in seconds.

Example: This setvar example shows the value set to "260".
! U1 setvar "power.energy_star.timeout" "260"

For more details on how to use this command string, please see the ZPL Programming Guide. Read More>>

For more information on Energy Star, see the below link:

+ Applicable Products

  • ZT500 Industrial Printers
  • ZT600 Series Industrial Printers