Changing S4M Firmware using the Force Download Mode

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How to "Force Download" firmware if standard methods fail

Changing from one programming language to another (changing between EPL and ZPL)

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S4M Printers

Note: This procedure will work for both ZPL and EPL firmware versions.


Force Download Procedure

1) Power the S4M off.

2) Hold down the  Menu and  Up Arrow buttons together with the printer still powered off.

3) Power the printer on, while still pressing the  Menu and  Up Arrow buttons until you see "Force Download" Message on the printer's LCD.

4) The printer is now in Force Download Mode.

5) You can now begin to download the firmware to the printer.

Firmware and download instructions  Read More>>

6) Once the firmware has been successfully installed the printer will print a configuration report showing the newer version. In addition the new firmware version will be shown on the printer's LCD Display.

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