Cleaning Performance Class Printer (P330i and P430i)

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You can swab rollers within the printer with a q-tip and 70%-90% isopropyl alcohol for minor cleaning.  The following procedure details how to run a full cleaning process on the unit.

Applies To

Zebra Performance Class Printers (P330i and P430i)


Access to printer driver to send cleaning command to printer as well as the printer cleaning kit for the P330i/P430i. The cleaning kit part number is 105912-913 and can be ordered through a Zebra reseller.  Read More>>


There are three different options of obtaining information on performing the cleaning procedure.  Each require the necessary supplies.


Option 1:

Printer Cleaning:

How To Clean Printer using front panel button

1. Leave power on.

(a) Open Cover and release Print Head Bracket to remove ribbon.

(b) Close print head.

(c) Close Cover. Remove cards from Card Cartridge.

2. Insert one Pre-saturated Cleaning Card (provided) through slot on the side of the Card Feeder.

3. Press the Panel Button for a few seconds. The Card will feed into printer and carry out the cleaning Process. Repeat the process with a new Cleaning Card if necessary.

Option 2:

The support page for your printer has a video walk through on how to run the cleaning procedure properly.  Below are links to this page for both the P330i and P430i printers.  See How-To Videos.

P330i  Read More>>
P430i  Read More>>

Option 3:

You can visit your printer's User's Guide for more details on how to run the process.  The following link is from the P430i model printer's user's guide, but the process still applies to the P330i.  Read More>>

Helpful Information 

P330i User's Guide  Read More>>

P430i User's Guide  Read More>>


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