Clearing the "Reject Box Full" Message on Zebra Card Printers

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If the reject bin reaches it's maximum capacity, you will encounter a "Reject Box Full" error on the printer.  

Applies To

Zebra P430i, ZXP Series 7, and ZXP Series 8


Clearing the "Reject Box Full" message.

The reject box is designed to hold 20 cards in the P430i and 15 cards in the ZXP Series 7 and ZXP Series 8. The printer keeps a running count of the number of cards sent to the box. When the count reaches the maximum capacity of the given printer model, a message will be displayed on the LCD, "Reject box full" or "Reject Error". Remove all cards from the reject box. The "Next" button can now be pressed on the printer to clear the message and continue the print job. Please note that the printer is unable to tell when you remove rejected cards from the reject box. For this reason, you may see the error message when the reject box has very few cards in it. Simply remove any cards that are in the box, and press the "next" button and continue printing.