iMZ Media Calibration

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Issue / Question

How do I calibrate black mark media in the iMZ printers?

How do I calibrate journal media in the iMZ printers?

Do the iMZ printers support gapped media?

Applicable To

iMZ220 and iMZ320

Resolution / Answer

iMZ printers come from the factory set to tear-off mode with journal/receipt paper and adjusted for full width paper label stock. Many printing applications will function with these factory settings and require no additional adjustments beyond the communications setup and minor darkness adjustment.  However, depending on the media being used and application requirements, some setup may be required to allow for optimal performance

Understanding your media

The Zebra Printer supports the use Continuous Journal or Pre-printed black bar media. Knowing your media detail is important for proper configuration.

Here are the details you should know for printer media setup and configuration.

Media Related Configurations

Note: As mentioned above, it is important to ensure all driver and applications settings match what you are setting the printer up for to ensure that the printer does not encounter errors due to improper settings being applied.

>Media Type – Continuous (Journal/Receipt) and Black Mark.  Default is Journal/Receipt (Continuous) but can be configured for Bar (Black Mark) by turning on top of form detection - Use the CPCL FORM  Command for enabling Top Of Form Detection Read More>>

Helpful Info - Setting Media Type in the Driver (Termed as "Paper Type" in driver).  The location of the settings are the same as referenced in the following link, but terminology may be different depending on the version of driver installed.  Read More>>

>Print Method – MZ/iMZ Series Mobile Printers support only direct thermal printing and do not support the use of ink ribbon.

>Print Mode – The MZ/iMZ Series Mobile Printers only support Tear-off print mode.

>Media Loading - The media must be properly loaded for the Print Mode you intend to use.

Understanding the Media Sensor

The printer comes with a fixed sensor for label tracking for Black Mark/Bar Media or Media Out detection.  There are requirements that need to be met by the media in order to be within specifications for the sensors to properly detect and calibrate.  Any sensing mark on the media should be located in the break between each label/tag.  The following link includes printer specifications (media specs are listed as well). 

MZ220 and MZ320 Specs  Read More>>
MZ220 and iMZ320 Specs  Read More>>

iMZ Media Requirements Read More>>

Reflective Sensor – The Reflective Sensor is used for Mark Media and detecting Media Out conditions. The Sensor is located in the center of the media path as shown in the Media Requirements link above. 

+ Applicable Products

  • iMZ220 Mobile Printer
  • iMZ320 Mobile Printer