Using the ZebraNet Print Server Web Page to configure a Permanent IP Address

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Setting the IP Address to Permanent

Applies To

Zebra Printers with the ZebraNet Print Server 


Windows browser and a network connected printer
Note: On some older printers bi-directional must be enabled. This would be a selection in the LCD Display under Parallel Port.


The ZebraNet Print Server supports http communications and will display a web page when accessing the printer's IP Address. From this web page the printer configurations can be set. 


Assigning a static IP Address using the printers’ web page.

1. Launch Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and type in the IP address of the printer. The printer's home page should be displayed.

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2. Click on View and Modify Printer Settings.

3. Enter password – 1234 (default)

4. Click on Submit Changes


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5. Click on Access granted link.

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6. Click on Network Configuration

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7. Click on TCP/IP Settings

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8. Verify IP Address. Change IP PROTOCOL to PERMANENT

9. Click on Submit Changes

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10. Click on View and Modify Printer Settings

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11. Click on Save Current Configuration

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12. Should see Current configuration saved.

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13. Click on Home / View and Modify Printer Settings / Network Configuration / TCP/IP - Verify settings.