Zebra P-Series Card Printer Barcode Scan Issues

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Barcode reading or scanning problem discussion

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 Zebra P-Series Card Printers


Barcode Scanning problems:

There are several reasons why a barcode will not scan:

  • The barcode was printed using the color panels instead of the K-resin panel producing a composite black barcode.When a barcode is printed in composite black (YMC), the image will never be as sharp and as black/dark as a resin barcode. 
  • The barcode did not print clearly making the ratio between the spaces and lines fuzzy. This can be resolved by slowing down the speed at which the K-resin panel prints. The command "+V_x" is the command to change the black print speed. The '_' represents a space and 'x' represents a value between 1 and 9 with 9 being the slowest speed.
  • If the barcode is printing edge to edge then there may not be enough quiet zone for the barcode reader to properly read the barcode. Reduce the size of the barcode to increase the quiet zone.
  • If the barcode R/G/B value is not 0/0/0, the barcode will not print in K-resin, it will print in composite black, making the barcode unreadable to certain scanners.


Note: If  all steps have been taken and still the barcode will not print in K-resin or scan, call Zebra Technical Support.


+ Product Codes

  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer