Desktop PC Locks Up when Attempting ActiveSync with MC50 and Attached MSR50 in the 4 Slot USB Cradle

Article ID: 45873791


When the trying to ActiveSync the MC50 with attached MSR50 in a 4slot USB cradle using Uconnect, the desktop PC will lock up.



Root Cause

ActiveSync version 3.8.0 or greater is not being used.


ActiveSync version 3.8.0 or greater needs to be installed onto the desktop PC.
  1. Check the current version of ActiveSync. On the desktop PC open ActiveSync and click on Help -> About Microsoft ActiveSync.
  2. If the version is below version 3.8.0 then uninstall the current version from the desktop PC.
  3. Download and install latest ActiveSync from
  4. Test the solution by placing the MC50’s with the MSR50 attached into the 4 slot USB cradle.

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