During a Suspend Resume the MC9000 Series Will Lock up When Running a Visual Studio 2003 .NET MSR Application

Article ID: 49947202


The VB.NET or C#. NET MSR samples from the SMDK for .NET v1.1 are being run on the MC9060. While running the application, (having the MSR open), the customer suspends and resumes the device. Upon resume the device locks up and the “spinning timer” on the display will continuously spin.

Root Cause

When programming the MSR9000, the current SMDK for .NET v1.1 does not handle suspend and resumes.


Symbol has fixed this issue with the SMDK for .NET v1.2. and recommends updating to this version if you are experiencing this issue.
Update to the SMDK v1.2 if you are experiencing this issue.

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