Enabling DHCP on the MK1000

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How to Enable DHCP on the MK1000




Set DHCP to enabled in System Menu.
  1. Press the 1 and the 4 buttons simultaneously to display the Password Screen.
  2. You will be prompted to: ENTER PASSWORD:
  3. Using the four function buttons enter the password: 44213
  4. When the password is entered successfully, the System menu displays:
                                             System Menu


                                             Network <



                                             Save & Reboot

                                             Set System Configuration
  1. Press the 3 button (next) to go to the Network option, press the 4 button (Enter) to select the option.
  2. The curser will be on the first option (TCP/IP):
                                           Network Configuration 

                                           TCP/IP <


                                           Wired Network

                                           Wireless Ethernet



 Configure TCP/IP:

     7.  Press the 4 button to select the option.

     8. The TCP/IP Configuration screen will be displayed:

             TCP/IP configuration

             Interface: Wireless Ethernet

             DHCP: DISABLED

             DHCP Setup

             Domain Setup
  1. Use the 3 button (Next) to get to the option DHCP: DISABLED, and press the 4 button to toggle the option to ENABLED.
  2. Press the 1 button to exit the menu.  Then press the 1 button again to exit to the main menu.
  3. Press the 3 button to select Save& Reboot, press the 4 button to enter the option.
  4. The system will prompt that changes have been updated and the unit will reboot.

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