Centering Variable Text or Bar Codes with ZebraDesigner Software Version 3

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Issue / Question

How to center Variable Text or Bar Codes with ZebraDesigner Version 3 Software

Applicable To

ZebraDesigner Pro and ZebraDesigner Essentials V3 Software using variable database text (Pro only) or variable keyboard entry feature

Resolution / Answer

Centering variable text and Centering bar codes with variable data is an available feature of ZebraDesigner Pro and ZebraDesigner Essentials Version 3 software programs.  
You can center text or bar codes on your label by pressing and holding the Ctrl key then clicking the Center option from the Design Toolbar.  
The example that follows uses the Pasta.csv sample file in the folder:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\ZebraDesigner 3\Designer\ZebraDesigner Professional\Samples\CSV Database

The first record of text or variable bar code data are centered on screen but if the length of the data varies, by default print position will stay anchored to the left edge.  With ZebraDesigner Essentials and ZebraDesigner Pro, it is possible to move this anchor point.  Notice that when you left click on the text or bar code the upper left anchor point shows a blue dot but the center is a hollow box.  

If you press and hold the control key then click the hollow box the blue will shift to the box.  Repeat this for each variable text prompt or variable database field on a label that you wish to move the anchor point for.  
Use Print Preview to demonstrate actual print results.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZebraDesigner3
  • zebradesigner3