Configure DataWedge Profile to Target a Specific Application

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Issue / Question

How to configure a DataWedge profile to target a specific application

Applicable To

All Zebra Android devices that support DataWedge

Resolution / Answer

1: Open DataWedge then click the three dots on the upper Right Hand Side and choose "New profile" 

2: Give it a relevant name (e.g. Chrome)

3: Click this new profile and click “Associated Apps”

4: Click the three dots on the upper Right Hand Side and choose “New app/activity”

5: This will bring a list of all applications installed on the terminal. In our example, I am targeting “Chrome”, the end user must choose the appropriate application for their use case. A tip to find the right APP, is that the icon displayed in this list is usually the same as the shortcut from the APP screen.

See example below for “Chrome”

6: Click the APP and then select the “*” activity


7: Click the back arrow repeatedly to exit DataWedge. 

Now when scanning into Chrome the barcode data will be populated.

Note: If further barcode formatting (Basic/Advanced) is desired in this application , ensure that the changes made are within this new profile.

For a sample profile targeting Velocity, click

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