Configure the CS4070 scanner with 123Scan utility

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Issue / Question

How to upload/configure CS4070 scanner due to no "Upload to Scanner" option?

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Resolution / Answer


  1. Launch the 123Scan. From the “What do you want to do?” list, select “Create new configuration File”


  1. Select “My Scanner is NOT connected”


  1. Choose the CS4070 model :


  1. Double-click the Plug-in, “Example : Release 010 – 2019.02.07


  1. Proceed to make the changes and configuration using the Configuration Wizard


  1. Instead of Upload the settings to the scanner, CS4070 does not have this capabilities, please use “Print the Bar Code” or “Email Bar Code to Phone”


  • Print the Bar Code
    • Please uncheck the “Start Programming barcode with” box
    • User may save or print the bar code


  • Email Bar Code to Phone


  1. Last step is to scan the bar code to get the scanner configured.

+ Applicable Products

  • Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner
  • Symbol CS4070-HC Companion Scanner