Configuring Wi-Fi with EAP-TLS certificate

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Issue / Question

How do you configure WPA2-Enterprise (i.e. (EAP; EAP-TLS, PEAP, EAP-TTLS + WPA2) with certificate within Fusion?

Applicable To

TC5x, TC70x, TC75x, TC2x

Resolution / Answer

Installing a Secure Certificate
To install a secure certificate:
1. Copy the certificate from the host computer to the root of the microSD card.
2. Swipe down from the status bar and then touch.
3. Touch Security.
4. Touch Install from storage.
5. Navigate to the location of the certificate file.
6. Touch the filename of the certificate to install.
7. If prompted, enter the password for credential storage. If a password has not been set for the credential storage, enter a password for it twice and then touch OK.
8. If prompted, enter the certificate’s password and touch OK.
9. Enter a name for the certificate and in the Credential use drop-down, select Wi-Fi.
10. Touch OK.
The certificate can now be used when connecting to a secure network. For security reasons, the certificate is deleted from the microSD card.

WLAN Configuration - Configuring a Wi-Fi Network using EAP + WPA2 (i.e. WPA2-Enterprise)
To set up a Wi-Fi network:

1. Swipe down from the status bar and then touch.
2. Touch Wi-Fi.
3. Slide the switch to the ON position.
4. The device searches for WLANs in the area and lists them on the screen.
5. Scroll through the list and select the desired WLAN network.
6. Touch the desired network. If the network security is Open, the device automatically connects to the network.
For all other network security a dialog box appears.

7. Select WPA2 & enter the required password.
8. Setting up 802.1x EAP:
Touch the EAP method drop-down list and select PEAP, TLS, TTLS.
Touch the Phase 2 authentication drop-down list and select an authentication method.
If required, touch CA certificate and select a Certification Authority (CA) certificate. Note: Certificates are
installed using the Security settings.
If required, touch User certificate and select a user certificate. Note: User certificates are installed using
the Location & security settings.
If required, in the Identity text box, enter the username credentials.
If desired, in the Anonymous identity text box, enter an anonymous identity username.
If required, in the Password text box, enter the password for then given identity.

+ Applicable Products

  • TC20
  • TC25
  • TC51
  • TC51-HC Mobile Computer
  • TC52 Touch Computer
  • TC52-HC
  • TC55 Touch Computer
  • TC56
  • TC57 Touch Computer
  • TC70
  • TC70x
  • TC75x