DS3678 Unpairs from BT Host when Placed in Cradle

Article ID: 31619878

Issue / Question

The DS3678 will unpair from a Bluetooth host (such as an ET50 or an iPad) when the scanner is placed in its cradle to charge.  This is due to the "Pair on Contact" setting being enabled out of the box.

Applicable To

LI3678, DS3678

Resolution / Answer

To disable the Pair on Contact pairing mode, scan the Disable Pair on Contacts bar code.  The bar code is included in this article, but is also available in the DS36x8 Product Reference Guide available in the Support and Downloads section of the Zebra website.  The bar code is located in Chapter 4- Radio Communications, in the Pairing section.

Once Pair on Contacts is disabled, the scanner can be charged in the cradle while maintaining the connection to the Bluetooth host.


+ Applicable Products

  • LI3678-ER
  • LI3678-SR