Disable Adaptive Scanning

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Issue / Question

How to disable adaptive scanning on a Workabout Pro 4 (WAP4) installed with SE965 1D scanner.

Applicable To

WAP4 SE965

Resolution / Answer

What is Adaptive Scanning?

Our patented Adaptive Image Scanning technology automatically toggles between a wide and narrow scan angle until a barcode is detected, allowing users to zoom in on barcodes as far as 15 ft./4.5 m and zoom out to capture barcodes at near contact — the widest working range in this class.

Steps to disable Adaptive Scanning if using DataWedge:

1. Open DataWedge settings
2. Tap on Basic configuration> Scanner input> SS1 Scanner Driver> Reader params> More>
3. Tap on Adaptive scanning to disable it. (check mark just before the number 9 will be removed)
4. Tap back 3x
5. Screen should display, saving changes, please wait...
6. Tap Home> Exit
7. When prompted 'Are you sure you want to exit?' tap OK
8. Close DataWedge settings

 At this point, adaptive scanning is disabled.


+ Applicable Products

  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer