Disable Android Keyboard (AOSP) using StageNow Tool

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How to disable Android Keyboard (AOSP) using StageNow Tool

Applicable To

Zebra Android Devices. Example TC8000

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Application Manager (AppMgr) administers the user applications on the device. It can be used to programmatically install, uninstall, upgrade and turn on (or off) the ability to launch an application, all with no need for user interaction. Read More>>

By default, the input method selected is Android Keyboard (AOSP).


1. Open StageNow Tool in Administrator mode.
2. Create new Profile. Select MX version 4.4Read More>>
3. Select Xpert Mode then hit [Create].
4. Enter profile name. Example "Disable_AOSP_Keyboard" then hit [Start]
5. Under Settings tab, select AppMgr then PowerMgr.
6. Config tab should list AppMgr followed by PowerMgr. Hit [Add] to proceed.

7. Set Action to 'Disable Application'. Default is Do nothing.
8. Set Package Name to 'com.android.inputmethod.latin'. Hit [Continue] to proceed.

9. Make sure 'Reset Action' is set to Reboot.

10. Hit [Continue], review if needed then hit [Complete Profile>]
11. Test the completed profile.

12. From the Zebra Android device, launch the StageNow client

13. Scan the barcode from step 11.

14. After the device has been successfully stage, close StageNow client.

At this point, the Android Keyboard (AOSP) is now disabled.


+ Applicable Products

  • StageNow
  • StageNow
  • TC8000