Downgrade tablet from Android M to L using micro SD

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Issue / Question

How-To: Downgrade the device from Android M to L

Applicable To

ET50 ET55 ET5x ET5

Resolution / Answer

Please use the Downgrade Procedure for Android M to Android L section in the Zebra-ET5x-Android-Flashing-Procedure.pdf for detailed steps to downgrade from Android M to L using either a Micro USB card or using ADB Sideload and MDM methods

Before beginning the Battery Level of the ET5x must be at least 30%

SAMPLE using Micro SD card method after reviewing the " Downgrade Procedure for Android M to Android L "

The contents of the file will contain package names that begin with " package: ” in the following order

  1. ET50 or ET55 M-to-L-downgrade package ( Used to downgrade to either GMS or Non-GMS )  
  2. ET50 or ET55 Full OS Software Update Recovery package 
  3. ET50 or ET55 LifeGuard Update package  ( Add this line only if applying a Lifeguard Update )
  4. ET50 or ET55 Enterprise reset package Wipes all partitions/data except Enterprise folder/partition & On Device Storage (/sdcard)
Sample upl text file contents for ET50/ET55 M to ET50/ET55 L downgrade:

Example using the ET50 Android M to L downgrade package v5:

File name :  ET5X-downgrade-to-l.upl
Contents :



+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55